Newest Shipment Arrives From Zimbabwe

As with everything that comes out of Africa the timing is always a mystery so when we got the call late on Sunday night that the shipment of Zimbabalooba clothes had been loaded on to a flight bound for the UK you can imagine our excitement - it was only 2 weeks late but then better late than never.  Come Monday morning we liaised with the shipping agent who suggested going to Gatwick at about 2pm just to ensure the product was unpacked and cleared.  I rushed to the bank to draw money to pay for the VAT etc and stood in the longest queue - even the bank teller was gobsmacked as to how long the queue was! Eventually money in hand I headed to Gatwick to the office address off the website.  Arriving at 2pm I found I was at the wrong address but thank goodness the right address was only 5 miles away.  Admittedly 5 miles when your office is hidden in one of these industrial estates may as well be 50 miles but I found it.  Dave was fantastic but had bad news the shipment had been taken from customs by some unknown government entity and they weren't allowed to tell him who had it.  So retiring to the pub with Ranald who had come from Somerset to help with the load we sat for a good 2 hours in the hope that the consignment would be cleared some time soon as Ranald had driven 3 hours and didn't want to do that again.  I rang Dave at 4:20 and he said he thought we were wasting our time as he hadn't heard anything from anyone and Customs were being very cagey about where the consignment was at that moment.  Dejected we climbed back into Ranald's car to make our way back to my car when the  phone rang- yes you guessed it - the consignment had miraculously cleared.  Ranald and I made it back to Dave's office after driving around some confusing roundabout (and I use that term very loosely it was the size of a Caribbean Island) for about 10 minutes.  We paid Dave and then headed to the airport for real.  We loaded 18 boxes successfully into 2 estate cars (thank goodness Ranald came to help) and headed in opposite directions.  I am very happy to say that I am so excited about my new products.

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