Adult Baggie / Shorts - Camo Frogs Design

Adult Baggie / Shorts - Camo Frogs Design

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Zimbablooba Funky Design, Unisex, Adult, Baggy Shorts.

All of the items are created from 100% cotton and handmade in Zimbabwe. All of the designs are hand printed and the colours may vary slightly. Guaranteeing the uniqueness of every single item we sell.

2 x Side Pockets and 1 x Rear Pocket

Elasticated Waistband and Drawstring.

Size Guide

Adult Size: S (SMALL) - Fits: 30″/size 10-12

Adult Size: M (MEDIUM)  Fits : 32″/size 12-14

Adult Size: L (LARGE) - Fits : 34″ / size 14-16

Adult Size: XL (EXTRA LARGE) - Fits : 36″ / size 16-18

Adult Size: XXL (EXTRA EXTRA LARGE) - Fits : 38″/size 18-20