Verts - Aztec Masks Print - 100% Cotton Trousers

  • £35.00

We have a wide range of Aztec Masks print Verts in various colours that will make you stand out from the crowd.

As with all our unique, hand-made products the colours may differ slightly from those in the pictures.

All the Verts are made from 100% cotton which makes them tough and durable. They come with an elasticated waist with drawstring and toggle and velcro straps at the ankles.

Be all the rage at your next Festival or Braai / BBQ or just wear them to slop around the house. Go on ... Dare To Be Different

We did call them Dragons but then had a rethink - these designs change every time you look at them.  So after discussion with the team we decided they look more like masks and also very Aztec in design.  What do you think?

Adult Size: SMALL

Fits: 30″/size 10-12 -  27" inside Leg and overall Length 39 " 

Adult Size: M

Fits : 32″/size 12-14 - 32" inside Leg and overall Length 42" 

Adult Size: LARGE

Fits : 34″ / size 14-16 - 33" inside Leg and overall length 45" 

Adult Size: XLARGE

Fits : 36″ / size 16-18 - 31" inside Leg and overall length 43" 

Adult Size: XXL

Fits : 38″ to 42" / size 18-20 - 30" inside Leg and overall Length 42"